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Friday, December 11, 2009

Simple Dinner Rolls

Here is a no fail, super easy dinner roll recipe. The rolls come out light and buttery and simply delicious. They really aren't much work at all, and if I start them about an an hour and half before dinner is ready, then they are fresh out of the oven and straight to the table.

This is my go-to recipe for dinner rolls when I have guests. Homemade bread never fails to impress.

Simple Dinner Rolls

3 1/2 cups flour (plus a bit more during kneading)
2 tbsp sugar
2 envelopes Quick-rise yeast
1 tsp salt
3/4 cups milk
1/2 cups water
1/3 cups butter
1 egg

1. Reserve 1 cup flour.

2. Mix remaining flour, yeast, sugar and salt in large bowl.

3. Warm milk, water, and butter until very warm (approx 115F).

4. Stir warm liquid into dry ingredients and beat in 1 egg.

5. Mix in enough reserved flour to make a soft dough that does not stick to bowl.

6. Knead lightly for about 6 minutes. Adding flour to prevent sticking.

7. Cover and let rest 10 minutes. Shape as desired. (I shape into 18 rolls and put them 8 per pan in 8" round cake pans)

8. cover, let rise about 30 minutes. At this point you can brush butter, or egg on top and sprinkle with poppy seeds, or sesame seeds, if desired.

9. Bake in 375F oven about 20-25 minutes, until golden. Cool on wire rack.