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Monday, August 6, 2007

Fruit Skewers

Here is another great little recipe that is not really a recipe. This is a nice alternative to fruit salad, especially if you are bringing this to a party and you don't want to have to supply everyone with a bowl and spoon. I also like to serve this alongside a regular dessert when I am having a dinner party for people who might prefer a healthier option. Claire and Marco also enjoy the novelty of eating the fruit off of the skewers.

I had a dinner party here a few weekends ago and I made two types of brownies, and I meant to make a tray of these fruit skewers, but I completely forgot. I do this often when I have dinner parties, there is just too much going on all at once. One time I had people over and I was serving Prime Rib and Yorkshire pudding. We were all done dinner and doing the dishes, when I found the yorkshire pudding still in the oven. Another time, I left the carrots sitting in the steamer. I am also pretty famous for leaving burners on and forgeting to turn the stove off.

Fresh Fruit Skewers

8 inch bamboo skewers
Fresh fruit (whatever is in season)
1 lemon

1. Cut fruit into bite size chunks and thread onto skewers.

2. Drizzle fruit skewers with fresh lemon juice to prevent fruit from turning brown.