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Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Blogging by Mail Package

My Blogging by Mail Package has arrived from Karen in Canberra, Australia. Actually it arrived almost two weeks ago, just before we went camping, but I had to do a little detective work to figure out the name of Karen's blog, so I could post a link.

Finally, I sat down with a list of all the Blogging by Mail participants from Stephanie's blog, Dispensing Happiness, and a big marker, and used the process of elimination to determine that Karen's blog is A Cracking Good Egg. The funniest part of all, is that I've visited her blog many times, but never realized.

I explained the premise behind the blogging my mail event in the post I wrote when the package I sent was received by Graeme in England. Check it out here.

There were some exciting things in my package from Karen:

1. A copy of Delicious Magazine - a great food magazine from Australia (how did Karen know I have a food magazine fetish?)

2. A silicone pastry brush - if you don't have one of these, get one!

3. A jar of Rosella Flower Jam - this looks very intriguing and I haven't tried it yet. I think I am going to wait until the next time I bake homemade bread to open this and try some.

4. Koko Black Chocolates - I think these cute little chocolates were shaped like Koalas... before they melted. But no matter, they were still delicious. Actually, I think I might have to say this was the best chocolate I've ever tasted!

5. Some nougat, in three different flavours - I've never tried this before, and it was delicious.

6. A bag of cashew nuts - these were the first to disappear.

7. A couple of bookmarks - the best one was carved out of very thin wood.

8. A recipe for chocolate chip cookies - I am not sharing this today. You will have to wait until I make it and post the pictures.

So thank you Karen, for a fabulous Blogging by Mail package!